One-on-One Coaching

Through one-on-one coaching we get to the heart of the matter by focusing on you. Whether you have your Top 5 themes or all 34, we can put a plan in place that suits your needs. We can meet in person, over the phone or on-line. In-person coaching is my favorite method because it allows us to connect at a much deeper level.


Group Sessions

Whether in groups of 2 or 102 we can work together to introduce your team to CliftonStrengths. We will focus on personal development and improving employee engagement. Group dynamics require on-site presentations to lead to meaningful conversations. Let me know how I can help by completing the Let’s Connect page and we’ll work to find the appropriate solution for your organization.



Like finding the right balance of spices in cooking, every coaching session is customized to meet your needs. We may find that a combination of group teaching and one-on-one coaching is what you and your organization need. We can do two-hour blocks, half-day, or full day sessions. Multiple session training events for groups can be built around your schedule. The one-on-one coaching can be interspersed when and where you deem appropriate.

Born to Build.png

Builder Profile 10 (BP10)

What were you born to build, conquer, or take on? The book Born to Build and the BP10 might provide some clues as to how you go about doing it. Whether you are building a business, a team, or an organization there are ten talents that you must possess. We’ll take a closer look at how your Builder Talents align with your goals and aspirations. What can you do to be the successful builder you were created to be? As a Gallup Trained BP10 coach, let’s work together to find out.

My top 4 Builder Talents are: Relationship, Disruptor, Delegator and Risk. My Role is Conductor.